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Welcome to Scruff-a-Luvs

Dear friend,

These unloved and abandoned animals are in need of your help!

When buying your Scruff-a-Luv, they arrive as a sad, matted ball of fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you’ll discover what kind of pet they really are and reveal their true beauty. In exchange they’ll be your FFF (Furry Friend Forever)….

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Find us Scruffy, Make us Fluffy

Rescue your poor little Scruff-a-Luv and transform them from scruffy to fluffy. Simply wash, dry, groom and reveal if you’ve adopted a dog, cat or rabbit!

Rescue & Reveal

Wash your Scruff-a-Luv

Give your Scruff-a-Luv a nice bath to wash out its matted fur. Wash in a sink or large bowl of lukewarm water and, once washed, rinse off in clean water at least once.

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Rescue & Reveal

Reveal and dry your Scruff-a-Luv

What pet have you rescued? Is it a dog? A cat? A rabbit?

Once you’ve washed and revealed your Scruff-a-Luv, make them warm and dry by drying them thoroughly with a large towel, followed by drying with a hair dryer – just like in a pet salon! Make sure you use a warm setting with adult supervision.

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Rescue & Reveal

Groom and love your Scruff-a-Luv

Treat your pet to a styling session and make them look and feel gorgeous by brushing them and adding their special hair clip. Once they’re looking fluffy and beautiful, it’s time to give them a name, put their collar on and fill in their adoption certificate!

For more top tips and to download the instructions, visit our FAQs page.

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Collect them All

There are 6 different Scruff-a-Luvs to collect in Series 1 – so why not collect them all and start adopting today?

Fluff A Luvs Community

Explore and download super cute Scruff-a-Luvs content, including ‘before and afters’, posters, scrap books and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For top tips and handy hints on how to love and care for your Scruff-a-Luv, plus heaps of helpful answers to any questions you may have, visit our FAQs page.

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Scruff-a-Luvs is a proud supporter of The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. By adopting a Scruff-a-Luvs, you will be helping us to donate to the ASPCA so that we can help to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States

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